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Home Staging Dos And Dont’s It is difficult for an average home seller to carry out a staging. It is the process in which you repair the property, remove clutter, rearrange furniture and host visitors. These visitors are not your average Joes. They are the people who are interested in buying your property. You thus cannot take it lightly. There are certain things you need to do in home staging and others that you need to avoid. Dos of Home Staging 1. It is always a good idea to start with evaluating your home. It will go a long way in giving you a fair idea about the best selling price. The estimated value should be at par with what other comparable homes in your neighborhood are asking for. 2. Get all the repairs done before you offer your property for sale. This is important if you want to ensure a sale. 3. Do not let your personal items strewn about in the house. Store them in a safe place or stash them in a bank vault if required. 4. Move away unnecessary items from your storage, closets, kitchen and bedrooms 5. Get a paint job done on interior and exterior of your property. This will help in getting higher prices by presenting a clean look. 6. Make the house look spacious by removing furniture that you don’t use often. Place it in storage or sell it off 7. Don’t hesitate in inviting visitors whenever you see an interest. A welcoming seller is a better seller. 8. Always stage an open house when you think that enough buyers have shown interest. Turn it into a major event and increase your chances of sale. Don’ts of Home Staging 1. Don’t ask for a price that you cannot justify. This will be a deal breaker in most cases as buyers are smart enough to tell a genuine sale price from an exaggerated one. 2. Don’t let the repairs wait until someone visits your house. A leaking toilet or a crumbling foundation can upend your chances of selling your property. 3. Don’t let the excess items sit at their places. The untidy and cluttered look is not only an eyesore but also makes buyers question your organization skills 4. Don’t let your front lawn or backyard turn into a jungle. Some buyers are very particular about well-kept lawns and backyards. 5. Don’t ignore the importance of garages and other detached installations in your house. Poorly kept items in these areas may affect the sale price 6. Don’t think that a buyer may return for a second visit if the first one had been a disaster. Most buyers don’t even consider a second visit if they are put off by poor maintenance and cluttered up spaces. 7. Don’t rely on your own skills to sell your house. You will need the services of a real estate agent to make the sale happen. 8. Following these dos and don’ts will ensure that you will be able to sell your property within the stipulated time and with no hassle.
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