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How To Make Your Home Shine! You can ensure that your home will fetch a higher sale price if you make it shine. What does the word shine means here? It does not mean that you have to polish every nook and corner of your house. Shine here refers to a clean and well prepared house that can be sold at the very instant without any repairs or other work required. You can follow these tips to make your home shine. Start with Exteriors It is the first thing a visitor notices when visiting your property. They will look at a poorly kept yard and think twice about buying the property. They will also look at a poorly maintained façade and peeling paint and might leave without actually entering the house. Fix up the front yard and get a new paint job done. Don’t let the Door Squeak The main entrance to your home should not be a squeaking door that has not been taken care of in ages. Keeping it clean and pristine will leave a good impression on the visitors. Remove the Carpets It is also better to remove carpeting from your house. Visitors might think that you are trying to hide things such as botched up flooring. Present a clean look by having scrubbed up floors. Fix the Bathrooms Don’t overlook the bathrooms. They can be the deal breaker in some cases. Leaking pipes and toilets, stinky floors and grimy showers can put anyone off. Your bathrooms should be spotless and clean. Adding flowers will not help as long as you have not repaired the fixtures. Empty your Closets Buyers will always snoop into your closets. It is thus important to keep them clean and empty. This will also give potential buyers a fair idea about the storage space available. Get a new Kitchen Sink Installing a new kitchen sink can help overcoming the old fashioned look. It also gives a contemporary look to the place. Repair or replace the kitchen cabinets If possible, replace the kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, repair them in such a manner that they accentuate the overall ambience instead of killing it. Staining kitchen cabinets is also a good idea if you know how to do it well. Add stainless steel appliances Stainless steel has become the latest buzz in kitchen décor. Getting them installed in your kitchen will certainly increase the value of your property. Buyers like to have kitchens with a contemporary look and stainless steel is the in thing. Add in kitchen appliances and you might get the price of your dreams. Don’t ignore the Bedrooms Overlooking bedrooms can be disastrous in home sales. You need to focus on improving the look and décor of the bedroom. Move furniture if need to and present a clean and spacious look to attract buyers. Adding storage space helps as well. People want to buy houses that come with plenty of storage space. Keep Calm Don’t forget to stay calm during visits. Having a friendly attitude can help woo potential buyers. 2012 All Rights Reserved

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